Who We Are

Many public organizations, municipalities, regional governments, private sector organizations globally have significant demand for the renewal and expansion of green power and waste infrastructure assets. Many wish to lower their waste footprint and/or get access to affordable, reliable green power often while budgets have been shrinking. Infrastructure program complexity, access to capital, and challenges in developing infrastructure projects are preventing these needs from being addressed.

With an initial focus on southeast Asia, REI Global originates and launches the development, design, build, finance, ownership, and management of turnkey waste management and green power solutions. Projects emphasize local employment, sustainability, affordability, and financial surplus for the local economy. REI Global uses the financial models developed and field tested by Loraxian Inc in its project origination. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, Loraxian Inc has spent much of the last decade designing and field-testing better ways to originate and launch the development, design, build, finance, ownership, and management of sustainable infrastructure assets.

During the last five years, REI Global and Loraxian have collaborated with various stakeholders in southeast Asia on how best to originate and launch affordable infrastructure solutions that deliver the results that communities desire. For example, it has determined the most effective business model for some southeast Asian projects is to partner with the private sector. Being willing to solve problems differently will be one of REI Global’s greatest keys to success moving forward.

Our Vision

A transformed world through truly sustainable infrastructure.

Our Mission

To move the modern world closer to a circular economy.

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Circular Economy

Increasingly the world is demanding solutions which lead to a circular economy. A circular economy is a system which minimizes the input of resources and output of emissions and waste. Creating a perfectly circular economy is complex and REI Global believes the modern world is nowhere near attaining it. REI Global focuses on technology solutions which are available now which when implemented move us closer to a truly circular economy.

REI Global uses only proven technologies, often with hundreds of installed sites. It only uses technologies which are considered 100% safe and can be located directly at the municipality, industrial organization, or institution if desired.

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